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Urechem cc, founded in 1994 is a South African based company and the sole representative agent for COIM S.p.A and NUOVA S.I.V.A.M S.p.A in South Africa.

The term polyurethane is used to designate plastics (polymers) produced by the polyaddition reaction of polyfunctional isocyanates with compounds containing at least two hydroxyl groups.
The name polyurethane (abbreviated as PU) is derived from the urethane group that is predominantly formed in this reaction:


Materials in this class may also contain other types of bonds, such as urea, amide, biuret, allophanate, ether and/or ester linkages. The name polyurethane is, therefore, a generic one for polymers with widely differing structures.

The polyaddition reaction was discovered in 1937 by Otto Bayer, a chemist at what was then IG Farbenindustrie in Leverkusen.

We encounter polyurethanes in everyday life as soft cushioning foam, thermal insulation materials, shoe soles, car steering wheels and many other articles.

Our product range includes:

  • LARIPUR – TPU for injection and extrusion process
  • IMUTHANE – hot cast and cold curing elastomers
  • UREXTER – polyurethane shoe sole systems
  • LARICOL – TPU raw material for adhesives
  • DIEXTER – saturated polyester polyols
  • ISOEXTER – polyester polyols for rigid foams

Our mission is to constantly strive for improvement and innovation through the close collaboration with our clients, irrespective of their location and company size.

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