Polyurethane Raw Material Specialists

We are Urechem

Urechem cc, founded in 1994 is a South African based company and the sole representative agent for COIM S.p.A and NUOVA S.I.V.A.M S.p.A in South Africa.


Our mission is to constantly strive for improvement and innovation through the close collaboration with our clients, irrespective of their location.

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Our product range includes:


LARIPUR is the range of thermoplastic polyurethanes and consequently combine the working technology of thermoplastic products together with the well-known features of polyurethanes.

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IMUTHANE is the family of castable polyurethane prepolymers exhibiting superior abrasion resistance, high tear strength and excellent load bearing ability.

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UREXTER is the trade name for the family of prepolymers (Urecom) and ester based polyols (Exter) for microcellular polyurethane systems.

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LARICOL is the family of thermoplastic polyurethane granules mainly used in the preparation of adhesive solutions, after being dissolved in suitable organic solvents and for thermo-adhesive process via powder sintering and film extrusion.

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In polyurethane formulation, DIEXTER G saturated polyester polyols are used in order to provide and improve the elastomeric properties in the molecular structure.

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ISOEXTER is the family of saturated polyester polyols designed for production of polyurethane rigid foams. The variety of grades allows the exploration of the well-known and superior fire resistance of polyesters versus polyethers by the development of PU and PIR systems.

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PIGMENTS are the colour ingredient of a polyurethane system and is applied to most products. Selection of a pigment for a particular application is determined by cost, and by the physical properties and attributes of the pigment itself.

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