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Is present in every corner of the world and boasts a network of 700 people. Its many subsidiaries and a strong network of agents/distributors mean that COIM has a well-established presence in the main countries of the world.

COIM provides its customers with a service that anticipates their every need. The company boasts not only research labs but also the know-how to provide products which are tailor-made to meet the customers' specific needs.

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Has steadily grown for more than half a century, becoming known as one of the most important producers of paints for wood, plastic and glass. Thanks to the quality of its products, punctual deliveries, the professional assistance of its technicians and the collaborative relationship built with the customers, NUOVA S.I.V.A.M. S.p.A. can always be present both on national and international markets.

The group manages the whole production process, starting from the formulation of the resin until the final product. The reliability of the products of NUOVA S.I.V.A.M. S.p.A. is assured by the careful control procedures carried out during production, and by the use of raw materials chosen among the best suppliers of the world.

The quantity of the products available allows a very prompt reply to every customer's request.

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